PS&I emphasizes cost-effective vinyl compound development and manufacturing for a variety of products in the automotive, medical and consumer products industries. We specialize in providing technical knowledge and practical experience in application methods and manufacturing processes involving vinyl plastisols.  Our manufacturing experience with plastisol processing includes dip coating, dip molding, coil coating, fabric coating, slush molding, strand coating, rotational molding, hot melt and cast plastisol.

Our Waukesha, Wisconsin lab facility features raw materials from all major suppliers, both domestic and foreign, rheology and physical testing equipment allowing competitive sample analysis, non-typical test method development and raw material evaluation. PS&I can also assist at your on-site development facilities.

Product Development
Assistance with research and development for a wide variety of vinyl products, including PVC coated fabrics, filter adhesives, vinyl coated fabrics, molded grips, plastisol floor mats, coated coil, and safety products.

Cost Optimization
Evaluation of plastisol formulas for dip coating, rotational molding or vinyl coated fabrics for unnecessary complexity or obsolescence. Identification and replacement or reengineering recommendations for ingredients such as PVC dispersion resin, phthalate and other plasticizers, stabilizers, additives and color pigments that have become too costly or unnecessary.

Manufacturing Optimization
Identification and evaluation of the appropriate manufacturing processes, and process improvement designed to optimize time-to-market and cost-efficiency. Recommendations for improved quality control methods and standards. Simplified manufacturing operations with premix packages of PVC stabilizers, additives and color pigments that improve quality assurance and provide more consistent products.

Performance Evaluations
ANSI, ASTM, FDA, UL, SPE and automotive standards and specifications for vinyl products are constantly changing in response to the current environment. PS&I can evaluate compound performance, engineering and cost structure to ensure performance and a competitive advantage.

Raw Material and Compound Evaluations
Comprehensive raw material and vinyl compound assessments to ensure adherence to new performance standards. Cost-benefit and data analyses to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of manufacturing versus material/compound purchase.

Technical Support and Assistance
Assistance for raw material suppliers in development of working vinyl compound formulas required for product evaluations. Short-or long-term technical staff augmentation or complete outsourcing for projects.